Form of competetion

All agegroups will be divided into pools/groups of 3 to 6 teams each, where everybody plays each team once. There will also be a third place game in the Playoffs.

All teams are guaranteed at least 4 games with the exception if any team is being disqualifed or not showing up to the games (WO).

Rules U19-U12

All agegroups plays 4 x 6 min effective time.

A tied game at the end of regulation will be decided by "Sudden Death". First point wins. In case of a tied game in the finals the game will be decided by a 3 minute overtime period until a winner is decided, the teams in the finals also get one extra time out each overtime.

In case both teams have the same colour of game uniforms, the away team in the changes uniforms. Be sure to bring game uniforms in two colours.

All types of zone-defense on your own backcourt is allowed except in the U13-U12 agegroups.

Teams are allowed 1 timeout per half and a 3 minute halftime break.

Full-court defense is not allowed when leading by 20 points or more for agegroups U13-U12.

All agegroups plays on regular size baskets, 305 cm.

There are no maximum number of players in the squads. (medals for 12 players and 2 coaches)


The protest must be written down and delivered to the cup office at the latest 30 minutes after the game have ended. At the same time a fee of 500 SEK should be paid. If the protest is approved the protest fee will be refunded. The decision from the tournament jury can´t be overruled.


Groups born U10 & U11 plays Easy Basketball.

• 6 periods x 4 min running time

• 4 vs 4 full court

• Low baskets (260 cm)

• Size 5 balls

• All games begins with a jump-ball after that it´s every other call.

• You can not take away the ball if the player is holding with two hands

• No freethrows or time out

• One minute rest between period can be used as your timeout

• No backcourt rule

• Three second is used with referee judgement in U11, no three seconds calls in U10.

• All players must play in atleast two of the periods (1, 2, 3, and 4, 5, 6).

• No three point line.

• Fouls atempting to score will resolve in inbounce from the sideline, no free throws.

• No personal or team fouls ar e registrated.

• No playoffs will be played.

• No team standings will be shown.

• Girls and boys can play in the same team.

• Full court press, Zonepress or zonedefense are not allowed.

• After a team score they can play defense from half court (not full court).

• All players will receive medals.


• Boys and girls U19, U16, U15, U14, U13 , U12, U11 and U10.

• U12-U10-teams plays with ball size 5.

• Boys U19-U15 plays with ball size 7.

• Boys U14 & U13 plays with ball size 6.

• Girls U19-U13 plays with ball size 6.

• U10 & U11-teams plays Easy Basket.

• All agegroups except the two youngest U10 & U11 (260 cm baskets) will be played on 305 cm baskets.