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Basketshop Open regarding Covid-19


Due to the circumstances regarding Corona we have made the decision to cancel the tournament 21-24 of May.

New Year’s tournament 2-5 of January 2021

The tournament will be played with the agegroups U13-U17 in Stockholm.

We see this as a good start to the second half of the season with quality games.

The registration is open!

Youll find the cupsite here:


Of course we will repay all the fees you paid. We know out of own experience that many players have put in a lot of effort to be able to go and play in tournaments.

Please send below information to

• Registration number

• Team name

• Amount of payment

• Bic-code

• IBAN number

• Adress

To make the repayments easy for us we will pay you either 5th or 27th of May.

We need your bank information before the 29th of April for you to get the money the 5th of May.

Basketshop Open 13-16 of May 2021

Our season closing tournament will be played as usual next year.

We hope to see you all then. Registration will open late October.


As of today we have no plans to cancel the tournament.

We daily follow the authorities' information and recommendations and will act in accordance with the advice of the authorities.

We will inform you if there will be any changes.

Välkommen, Welcome, Tervetuloa!

Duvbo IK & AIK Basket kutsuu ylpeänä sinut ja joukkueesi neljän päivän koripallojuhliin Tuholmassa!

Ikäluokat T/P U18(02-03) U16(04) U15(05) U14(06) U13(07) U12(08) U11(09) U10(10)

U11-U10 joukoet pelaavat Easy Basketia.

Turnaus järjestetään 21-24 toukokussa 2020. ikäluokat U18-U10.

Odotamme mielenkiintoisia joukkueita ulkomailta ja kaikista Pohjoismaista. Joten teethän ilmoittautumisesi välittömästi, olemme rajoittaneet joukkueiden määrää.

Tervetuloa koripallojuhliin!

Basketshop Open 2020 järjestää Duvbo IK & AIK Basket.