MVP and Player Of The Game in the A-Finals

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GIRLS 2005

Helsingin NMKY T05 – Duvbo IK Röd 42-15

Player of the game: Rhona Olsson, Duvbo IK Röd

MVP: Olivia Takala, Helsingin NMKY T05

GIRLS 2004

Tampereen Pyrintö – Spånga Basket 1 28-16

Player of the game: Stella Szabo, Spånga Basket 1

MVP: Clara Hämalainen, Tampereen Pyrintö

GIRLS 2003

Kaaron Roima – Solna Vikings 9-21

Player of the game: Rebekka Malja, Kaaron Roima

MVP: Danijela Worm-Muller, Solna Vikings

GIRLS Under 19

Solna Vikings Gul – Solna Vikings Blå 45-30

Player of the game: Varja Henriksson, Solna Vikings Blå

MVP: Ioanna Dosis, Solna Vikings Gul

BOYS 2004

Spånga Basket – Kungsholmen Basket 16-33

Player of the game: Gordon Clifford, Spånga Basket

MVP: Felix Wollberg, Kungsholmen Basket

BOYS 2003

EBT – Solna Vikings 17-23

Player of the game: Otto Kovla, EBT

MVP: Elias Nilsson, Solna Vikings

BOYS 2002

Uppsala Basket 1 – Solna Vikings 39-61

Player of the game: Victor Angemi, Uppsala Basket 1

MVP: Natnael Asegdom, Solna Vikings

BOYS 2001

Solna Vikings– Loimaan Korikonkarit 39-29

Player of the game: Miro Brander, Loimaan Korikonkarit

MVP: Milos Milisevic, Solna Vikings

BOYS under 19

Loimaan Korikonkarit – Duvbo IK Svart 49-51

Player of the game: Arthur Arhangelski, Loimaan Korikonkarit

MVP: Kevin Sellén, Duvbo IK Svart

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