Basketshop Open

Välkommen, Welcome, Tervetuloa!

The website is under construction. The tournament will be played 10-13 of May 2018. Registration will open during november.

Duvbo IK & AIK Basket proudly invite you and your team to Basketshop Open in Solna/Sundbyberg, suburbs situated 2 km north of Stockholm city centrum, Sweden.

Ages Boys/Girls U19-U10!

Basketshop Open offers a visit toStockholms famous amusement park Gröna Lund. Also visit amusement parks, museums and other thrilling activities to enstrenght the social bond in your team.

For this, the thirtiefourth year of Basketshop Open we are marketing the tournament to invite teams from all over Scandinavia.

We will have two playoffs (A & B) and twice as many teams will leave the tournament as winners.

Basketshop Open will be played 10/5 – 13/5 2018.


Basketshop Open 2018 is arranged by Duvbo IK & AIK Basket.